new partner family

New partner family selected

May 12, 2021—Congratulations to the Constante family! We’re excited to partner with this young family of five who is currently living in a small, two-bedroom/one-bathroom apartment in Woodburn. Ezra and Elizabeth have three children: Ezra (6), Emilio (5) and Eliana (2).

When they found out they were selected as a partner family, they were shocked, Elizabeth said.

“There were so many emotions at once,” she said. “We’ve been through so much. It was such a relief. We were just overjoyed.”

Prior to moving into their apartment, the whole family was living in a single room at Ezra’s mother’s house. The couple is especially looking forward to having more space for their children and settling in a quiet neighborhood.

Ezra and Elizabeth have already started working on the construction site in Silverton. They helped install siding last weekend and had the chance to meet some of our volunteers and staff members, and start learning the skills needed to help build their home.

To learn more about the family and to see photos and video throughout the construction process, follow our Facebook page.