Image of executive director Dan Haun

From the Director's Chair March 2023

(March 2023) Wow, I have been in my new role as Executive Director of North Willamette Valley Habitat for a little over four weeks now. I can, without a doubt, say that I am still elated that our board has given me this great opportunity! 

After 20 years in the public sector my wife says that the smile I come home with every day is very strange to see :) 

How can I not be smiling? This place, our mission, our work is AWESOME!

The staff, volunteers, donors, families, and community partners that I have met continually impress me with their passion for our mission, our work, and the people we get to serve. I can’t even begin to count the number of times people have welcomed me with a, “let me know how I can help,” and it was a 100% genuine offer.  

As I settle in and we prepare to begin work on the infrastructure for our development on Pine and Schemmel in Silverton I will start taking you all up on your offers to continue to help NWV Habitat. We have some amazing families who are ready to move into their homes (both already built and needing to be built) and it is going to take a community to make that happen. From what I have seen and experienced these last four weeks, the NWV Habitat community is ready to roll up our sleeves and make that happen.

I look forward to working next to you all as we fundraise, build, and celebrate our homeowners as they realize their dreams of affordable home ownership!