What is ReHabitat?

North Willamette Valley Habitat for Humanity ReHabitat Home Livability Program, commonly referred to as ReHabitat, was started in January of 2014.  ReHabitat’s purpose is to assist low-income homeowners with critical repairs so that they can remain in their homes.  With the growing cost of rent and the scarcity of available rental properties, it is important homeowners have the opportunity to stay in their current homes.  However, the need for critical repairs can make a home unsafe to occupy.

In addition, a family with modest means may not be able to afford the required repairs. The goal of ReHabitat is for low-income homeowners to be able to live in a safe and healthy environment and maintain the quality of existing neighborhoods. To qualify for the ReHabitat program the household must have an income that is less than 60% of the median income for their area. The homeowner is expected to be a cooperative partner with the staff, subcontractors, and volunteers who provide repairs.

NWV Habitat’s ReHabitat began with a modest goal of completing 6 repair projects in the first year.  In the second year, we have more than doubled that goal by recently completing our 21st home repair. ReHabitat has helped our most vulnerable members of our community including low-income seniors, disabled, and veterans.  Repairs projects have included replacing leafy roofs, restore running water, and fixing faulty electrical. These critical repair projects have a wide-reaching effect, raising neighborhood property values and allowing recipients to remain independent in their own homes.  It is our goal to continue to grow this program and serve more families in the coming year.