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Ability to Pay

Willingness to Partner

Need for Better Housing

Family Selection takes into consideration the following factors:

  • Housing conditions that are physically inadequate,
  • Housing conditions that are unsafe: physically and environmentally;
  • Overcrowded situations: more than 2 people per bedroom, or individuals sleeping in space not originally intended for living;
  • Housing is too expensive: more than 30% of the gross income of the household.
  • Households may not qualify for other/conventional mortgage financing¬†

Remember, just because your current housing is rented or subsidized by the government, it does not automatically mean that it is substandard.

After the first round of application reviews, at least two Habitat Homeowner Selection Committee Volunteers will come to visit you and your family in your home to verify your need for simple, decent and affordable housing. We will ask some questions as well as talk to you about why you are applying. At that time you can also ask any questions you might still have about the program.