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Ability to Pay

Willingness to Partner

The Family Selection Process takes into consideration the following:

  • The applicant provided all application information in a timely, honest manner.
  • NWV Habitat required no less than 500 hours of sweat equity per household with appropriate accommodations made for families with physical limitation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  For families with two or more adults, 300 hours must be completed by the family who will live in the house.  The remaining 200 or 350 hours may be completed by friends and extended family members.  100 hours must be completed on the construction site.
  • Acceptance of down payment and closing costs and completion of educational classes are also considered in this selection factor.
  • The applicants will participate in all required homeownership classes.
  • The applicant will avoid new consumer debt during this process.
  • The applicant will notify the affiliate of any change in family composition or employment changes.